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Addition sums

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Times tables

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Number line

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Through a variety of exercises you can practise primary school mathematics skills that are taught in year two, three, four, five, and six. Here you can practise to prepare for different kinds of tests. The levels of the maths problems has been determined based on what you are required to know in school. This is similar in many primary schools. We've also spoken to primary school teachers about the type, contents, and presentation of the exercises.

Moreover, we are currently working work on adding more exercises and ways to practise. The eventual goal is to offer a complete arithmetic website for primary school students. This will supplement what they learn at school.

Some of the arithmetic that can be practised here includes:
- Addition sums
- Subtraction sums
- Multiplication tables
- Division
- fractions

This website is an educational online environment where primary school students can practise maths and improve their maths skills. The website also enables parents to practise together with their kids. This offers a way to focus on improving specific maths skills. Primary school maths forms the foundation to the mathematics children will learn in secondary school.

We are still working to improve the website. If you have any tips, comments, or questions, please let us know using the contact form. Exercises and explanations that are currently being worked on include calculating percentages, decimal numbers, work sheets, money calculations, telling time, and maths games.

Mathematics has received particular attention in the media recently. It's more or less a recurring theme; the maths skills of today's school children are a popular topic of discussion. Most discussions focus on how to improve arithmetic and maths education.