SpuQ Multiplication

SpuQ Multiplication description

Test and improve your math skills at multiplication here, together with mascot Spuq. Multiplications are available at four different levels up to 100, to 500, to 1,000, and up to 10,000. Each level offers both easy and difficult sums. Examples of what sums you'll get, based on the choice of easy or hard questions, are listed underneath the easy and hard options in the menu. After you've finished the question, Spuq will show you whether you got the answer right or wrong. If you got it wrong, you'll get another chance of course. If you just can't seem to get the right answer, Spuq will show it to you. The questions have no time limit, take your time and think about them carefully. In primary school (and afterwards!), multiplication sums are just as important to general numeracy as tables. You can practise multiplication in class but also at home. For optimal results, try regular practice, 15 minutes at a time for example. Repetition will improve your math skills and make you more confident.